How to Learn Programming For Free

How to Learn Programming For Free

Programming is fast becoming one of the most important job skills. Workers in any industry often find themselves working with computers or communication devices, and while understanding the basics of computers was enough 10 years ago, it may not be enough now.

Being able to write and understand basic code can help anyone get a leg up in their industry. It is why so many are seeking to learn programming.

The good news is that it is possible to learn programming for free. Here is how.

Why Programming?

Anyone who wants to get into programming must understand why they are entering this field. Is it to have a skill that will be useful on the job? Is it personal curiosity about how programs and websites are built?

Those who have a personal interest can start slowly, doing a bit of programming every week. But someone who wants to learn for professional reasons may want to spend more time, so they are able to understand and perform basic coding in a couple months.

Resources Such as Free Code Camp

Want to get started with programming? Online resources such as Free Code Camp are a great place to begin. It is a nonprofit organization that not only helps people learn how to code for free, but also connects coders to organizations that may need help with websites, apps or other software.

There are many tutorials on Free Code Camp that are helpful to beginners. It is a good idea to start slowly, doing one tutorial a day. Overwhelming oneself with programming tutorials is not the best way to learn, as people can become discouraged if it takes them too long to understand the various topics covered.

The types of languages that are covered in Free Code Camp include HTML/CSS, JS and Python. Others are also included, but do not have as much of a focus. If someone wants to learn a different programming language, they can always find other free resources.

Enrolling in a Free Course

Spending a few weeks or a month with Free Code Camp is a good place to start. But one site does not provide all the necessary education. Luckily, there are many free online courses that one can take to improve at programming. Top American universities offer these courses, which do not cost anything.

A course is a good place to improve at programming, because it has a rigid structure of topics covered. There is natural progression and testing, which helps someone see if they are picking up the material at the desired pace.

For instance, MIT, University of Toronto and Harvard are just three of the well-known institutions that offer free programming courses that anyone can sign up to take. All it needs is a computer and dedication.

Programming is becoming such a big part of the world. There will be a day when even basic workers may need to know coding, so they are able to interact with AI or machines.

It is best to learn such a skill now, instead of being late to the party.